Sunday, 12 August 2012

Out of sight out of mind.

Its fairly simple, if someone doesn't talk with you, to you that be through text on the phone, Facebook, email, twitter, face to face etc they really just don't want you in their life any more, this is my opinion, out of sight out if mind, and it is very easy for people to do. Most will say no no no its not that ive just been busy, busy with everything and everyone except you..!
Most people are cowards, and just stop communicating with people to cut them from  there lives, some will find someone else to blame, usually their partner or a family member.

But the simple fact is, we all change we all want different things from life and sometimes that person just doesn't fit in with their life any more, its nothing personal in the sense that you wanted that to happen, it just happens, but the fact that people think they don't have to take  responsibility to end that friendship etc in the best way is wrong, to just cut them out is so cruel, and in my opinion a little disturbing. If you have the balls to make friends, have the balls to end the friendship so the other knows where they stand, being a coward all your life will backfire at some point, any how how would you like it, don't you wish that one friend or family member would have just been straight with you, save you all that brain ache! Just something to think about.

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