Sunday, 12 August 2012

Out of sight out of mind.

Its fairly simple, if someone doesn't talk with you, to you that be through text on the phone, Facebook, email, twitter, face to face etc they really just don't want you in their life any more, this is my opinion, out of sight out if mind, and it is very easy for people to do. Most will say no no no its not that ive just been busy, busy with everything and everyone except you..!
Most people are cowards, and just stop communicating with people to cut them from  there lives, some will find someone else to blame, usually their partner or a family member.

But the simple fact is, we all change we all want different things from life and sometimes that person just doesn't fit in with their life any more, its nothing personal in the sense that you wanted that to happen, it just happens, but the fact that people think they don't have to take  responsibility to end that friendship etc in the best way is wrong, to just cut them out is so cruel, and in my opinion a little disturbing. If you have the balls to make friends, have the balls to end the friendship so the other knows where they stand, being a coward all your life will backfire at some point, any how how would you like it, don't you wish that one friend or family member would have just been straight with you, save you all that brain ache! Just something to think about.

Friday, 8 June 2012

RE: Dick

" Been with my g/f for few years and i lover her so bad,but she still wont give me a blowjob, ive been paitient and thought in time she will give in but she says she's scared of it! thinking about cheating or leaving her?"

Well DICK, as much as yes you are a man and have needs, she is a women and deserves respect, would you want junk dangled in front of your face and rammed down your throat, it can be intimidating for some, and some just simply don't like it. Cheating or leaving her is your option but give her some respect and leave her first, being cheated on leaves more scares then being honest and leaving,  its up to you if you tell her why, but be careful is a blow job really worth leaving someone who you love and have spent a long time with, you may end up regretting it big time and she may end up liking blow jobs with the right person.....decisions decisions... good luck Dick.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Freedom of speech?

So who thinks freedom of speech is just that? No matter your opinions and views there is of course some one out there who disagrees and has a right to say so just as the first person did you. After a recent discussion on this its an endless circle that will go on and on and on, the net is full of what people say and think it is a community for all just like in the real world, people have a right to express something and others have a right to gather together if they feel it is wrong, to try change it, weather its to raise awareness or take action what ever that might be, what ever the judgment on wrong is, there is never a wrong or a right only things happen, that's the way of the world is. Like i said an endless circle, no one is wrong or right they are just who they are, born this way, conditioned this way....

And sometimes we just want to say BLAH BLAH BLAH...
RE: Anonymous

"Ive been tryin to loose weight for ages now, and nothing works, i go running, crunches, star jumps, do like ten minutes or something each day but nothing seems to shift just stays the same or put ons weight!!! I just want to fit into clothes i want to wear, and join in with everyone else :( "

Hun, step away from the mirror, sit down and think, am i really doing my best to try and loose weight or am i just winging it? Stop buying the chocolate or what is your sweet tooth's desire is, on such a regular basis and stop telling yourself a quick ten minutes a day will work, it wont.
Now do you really want to loose weight, or eat junk all day or junk whenever you want? Because you can have both, but not in everyday when ever you want. Have some discipline and self control.
Work out how bad you want it, set a goal and stick to it, if you don't stick to it it wont work, so stop winging, pick yourself back up and get on with it, you have nothing to loose but a great body to gain that you can have so much fun with! Hope this helps, good luck, keep me posted! :)
RE: Anonymous

I will not re-post what you had to say as per your request. I think that you are not trying hard enough, if that's what you truly want then try harder there is no point giving up, if you find something better along the way, then that happens, but trying is important, keeps us motivated and keeps the attitude of success what ever success means to you going. I hope this helps. Keep in touch with how things go :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

RE: Anonomous
"Are they just trying to let me down gently?"

"I like this guy who is friends with most of my mates, but i dont know him very well, my mates say he's into me but hes just shy, ive added him on FB and my MSN but he doesnt talk, i feel like he doesnt like me but doesnt want to hurt my feelings or maybe doesnt even know im alive lol, my mates say he talks about me but i dunno!"

Chances are hun its more then likely your friends don't have a clue if he likes you or not. To be that shy towards you, but very open to the rest is unlikely, specially guys, they don't usually confide in women unless they are either best mates, siblings, attracted to the opposite sex or hate to say it, trying to get laid! I would say rip of the plaster and talk to him face to face, networking sites arnt always the best for shy people as much as it helps them open up, they are still left not knowing what to type, Dont outright say DO YOU LIKE ME, even i would get lil scared by that, id ask him if he wants to hang out sometimes just you and him, go bowling, climbing, skating something active where you engage with each other and build trust etc. and if he says ummm yeah umm i dont know, then leave it hun, if he likes you at least he knows you like him so he can finally work up courage to talk to you, and if its outright no, phew then you know, mates it is!

Whats the point of this blog?

Hi there,
My names Kyrie, you may not be able to say my name but that's OK, i like having a different name, and it never offends me that most get the pronouncing of it incorrect, bugs them more :)
So here's a little about me...

Started this blog as an idea by one of my dearest friends suggested, im a very blunt honest and for the most part witty/ sarcastic person. I'll usually tell you my opinion even if im not asked, always like to get my two cents in but the one thing i do without fail is be honest, and usually blunt, never to hurt your feelings but to open your eyes to the other side also. You know when you ask, does my bum look big in this, im the one who says yes, but following that will be, its not the right shape for you, try this one. I f i know someone is sensitive about something i wont poke them, why, that's just mean right? but if its sensitive about something silly, i will tell you. Not annoy you with it, but give you the other point of view, again just opening your eyes.

So the point of this blog....

for me to tell you the truth with anything you have to ask, why does my opinion matter? Well it doesn't, but if your fed up of feeling lied to, molly coddled, and generally wrapped in cotton wool and want some good hearted honesty, then that my friend is the point of this blog.

I have good intuition, i always trust my gut, i never test my gut, if something inside says to me, don't take that shortcut through the dark car park, or back lane etc.. i listen to it, why test it? Only bad things happen when you do such things. We evolved with technology, but we were born with instincts, they are there to listen to.

Do you ever stop and think i was born for something more?? You feel this isn't the life you are going to stay living, chances are you are so right, there's an entire world out there, to explore, play with and have fun, meet new people, gain new life changing experiences, and all you have to do is walk out your front door, walk down the street/path/farm where ever you are to start an adventure everyday, it might sound childish to some, but those some are probably very hard on themselves and have trouble lightening up, there's such an easy cure for that thou... want to know the secret??? Well its this.. remove the stick from your ass...and smile! There your cured! How ever bad it is, there's something worse out there happening to someone else, and that's a fact, simply said its just the way it is, my father uses this saying alot, drives some a little crazy, and frustrates others as we all feel we need something or someone to blame when things go wrong, chances are we can change most of it ourselves.

Im a very caring person and only want what is best for people, i probably care to much sometimes with the wrong people but we all have those situations in our lives, its how we deal with them that matters.

I am also always up for having my own eyes opened to things i have not experienced yet.

I can go on and on, so ask away, or even challenge me with something you have to say..... :D
Email me at

I might sound a little cocky, and i am, not in a im above everyone else way, but in the way that i am happy, confident and enjoy my life.