Friday, 8 June 2012

RE: Dick

" Been with my g/f for few years and i lover her so bad,but she still wont give me a blowjob, ive been paitient and thought in time she will give in but she says she's scared of it! thinking about cheating or leaving her?"

Well DICK, as much as yes you are a man and have needs, she is a women and deserves respect, would you want junk dangled in front of your face and rammed down your throat, it can be intimidating for some, and some just simply don't like it. Cheating or leaving her is your option but give her some respect and leave her first, being cheated on leaves more scares then being honest and leaving,  its up to you if you tell her why, but be careful is a blow job really worth leaving someone who you love and have spent a long time with, you may end up regretting it big time and she may end up liking blow jobs with the right person.....decisions decisions... good luck Dick.

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