Tuesday, 5 June 2012

RE: Anonomous
"Are they just trying to let me down gently?"

"I like this guy who is friends with most of my mates, but i dont know him very well, my mates say he's into me but hes just shy, ive added him on FB and my MSN but he doesnt talk, i feel like he doesnt like me but doesnt want to hurt my feelings or maybe doesnt even know im alive lol, my mates say he talks about me but i dunno!"

Chances are hun its more then likely your friends don't have a clue if he likes you or not. To be that shy towards you, but very open to the rest is unlikely, specially guys, they don't usually confide in women unless they are either best mates, siblings, attracted to the opposite sex or hate to say it, trying to get laid! I would say rip of the plaster and talk to him face to face, networking sites arnt always the best for shy people as much as it helps them open up, they are still left not knowing what to type, Dont outright say DO YOU LIKE ME, even i would get lil scared by that, id ask him if he wants to hang out sometimes just you and him, go bowling, climbing, skating something active where you engage with each other and build trust etc. and if he says ummm yeah umm i dont know, then leave it hun, if he likes you at least he knows you like him so he can finally work up courage to talk to you, and if its outright no, phew then you know, mates it is!

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