Wednesday, 6 June 2012

RE: Anonymous

"Ive been tryin to loose weight for ages now, and nothing works, i go running, crunches, star jumps, do like ten minutes or something each day but nothing seems to shift just stays the same or put ons weight!!! I just want to fit into clothes i want to wear, and join in with everyone else :( "

Hun, step away from the mirror, sit down and think, am i really doing my best to try and loose weight or am i just winging it? Stop buying the chocolate or what is your sweet tooth's desire is, on such a regular basis and stop telling yourself a quick ten minutes a day will work, it wont.
Now do you really want to loose weight, or eat junk all day or junk whenever you want? Because you can have both, but not in everyday when ever you want. Have some discipline and self control.
Work out how bad you want it, set a goal and stick to it, if you don't stick to it it wont work, so stop winging, pick yourself back up and get on with it, you have nothing to loose but a great body to gain that you can have so much fun with! Hope this helps, good luck, keep me posted! :)

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