Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Whats the point of this blog?

Hi there,
My names Kyrie, you may not be able to say my name but that's OK, i like having a different name, and it never offends me that most get the pronouncing of it incorrect, bugs them more :)
So here's a little about me...

Started this blog as an idea by one of my dearest friends suggested, im a very blunt honest and for the most part witty/ sarcastic person. I'll usually tell you my opinion even if im not asked, always like to get my two cents in but the one thing i do without fail is be honest, and usually blunt, never to hurt your feelings but to open your eyes to the other side also. You know when you ask, does my bum look big in this, im the one who says yes, but following that will be, its not the right shape for you, try this one. I f i know someone is sensitive about something i wont poke them, why, that's just mean right? but if its sensitive about something silly, i will tell you. Not annoy you with it, but give you the other point of view, again just opening your eyes.

So the point of this blog....

for me to tell you the truth with anything you have to ask, why does my opinion matter? Well it doesn't, but if your fed up of feeling lied to, molly coddled, and generally wrapped in cotton wool and want some good hearted honesty, then that my friend is the point of this blog.

I have good intuition, i always trust my gut, i never test my gut, if something inside says to me, don't take that shortcut through the dark car park, or back lane etc.. i listen to it, why test it? Only bad things happen when you do such things. We evolved with technology, but we were born with instincts, they are there to listen to.

Do you ever stop and think i was born for something more?? You feel this isn't the life you are going to stay living, chances are you are so right, there's an entire world out there, to explore, play with and have fun, meet new people, gain new life changing experiences, and all you have to do is walk out your front door, walk down the street/path/farm where ever you are to start an adventure everyday, it might sound childish to some, but those some are probably very hard on themselves and have trouble lightening up, there's such an easy cure for that thou... want to know the secret??? Well its this.. remove the stick from your ass...and smile! There your cured! How ever bad it is, there's something worse out there happening to someone else, and that's a fact, simply said its just the way it is, my father uses this saying alot, drives some a little crazy, and frustrates others as we all feel we need something or someone to blame when things go wrong, chances are we can change most of it ourselves.

Im a very caring person and only want what is best for people, i probably care to much sometimes with the wrong people but we all have those situations in our lives, its how we deal with them that matters.

I am also always up for having my own eyes opened to things i have not experienced yet.

I can go on and on, so ask away, or even challenge me with something you have to say..... :D
Email me at bluntblogtbh@gmail.com

I might sound a little cocky, and i am, not in a im above everyone else way, but in the way that i am happy, confident and enjoy my life.

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  1. Just email your question, statement etc what ever you wish to say know .... bluntblogtbh@gmail.com